The playground and recreation industry is evolving rapidly, and with it so must the surrounding surfacing. A high quality rubber surface can greatly improve an areas safety and appearance. ARS Landscaping is known for its premium poured in place rubber safety surface systems. Our most popular rubber surface is our ARS-flex Poured in Place surface application. Poured in Place is mainly popular as playground safety surfacing, however can be used in a variety of locations. Our Poured in Place surface is long lasting, durable, eye-pleasing and safe. 

Our Poured in Place Wearing layer comes in a variety of colors. We have over 20 colors with an endless amount of color combinations. When dealing with our Poured in Place rubber surface there are endless possibilities with implementing patterns/custom designs and company logos. Mixing black with another color can significantly reduce the cost of your rubber surface. It is recommended that half the mixture is to utilize black granules. This would allow for a cost effective surface while still displaying a color and design that pleases all. Even when mixed with black at a 50/50 ratio the colored rubber will still hold the overriding appearance presence. Our team will be happy to discuss color options and budgets to help further plan out your rubber surfacing project. All types of custom designs and logos can be applied to our surface. 

ARS consist of highly trained playground surfacing installers. We have done installations of all sizes and complexity. Our experts are always willing to walk customers through every step of the purchasing and installation process of the system.



Rubber surfaces generally require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable. After many years though and in areas with high traffic sometimes surface wear can occur in which the rubber surface might need to be repaired. Sometimes a complete restoration of both layers may not be needed and the surface may just require a new top layer. At certain instances the area can be just about fully restored by just replacing the top layer of the system.
For this procedure our trained rubber surface installers will properly remove the old top layer of the system in the desired areas. They will then thoroughly clean the area of all remaining shards and granules, along with other undesired debris on the old surface. Our installers will then reinstall the top layer of the rubber surface giving the surface a brand new aesthetic appearance. This method can significantly reduce costs while being compared to a new poured in place system. We also provide roller coats for surfacing. This is also a very inexpensive method to make the surface look new and refreshed. 

Playground Surfacing
  • Playgrounds

  • Daycares

  • Schools

  • Walkways/Pathways

  • Gyms

  • active children areas

  • work environments

  • and more

Popular Surface Applications

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